Every summer kids can improve their reading skills and reduce summer learning loss while having fun. Each year, public library staff develop a wide range of exciting activities around a different theme to help kids enjoy reading.

Kids, 12 and under, who register with their local library for the TD Summer Reading Club receive a poster, stickers and an activity book all free as a part of their reading kit.

You can learn about the success of last summer’s reading club by consulting the National Report of Program Statistics 2010.
TD Summer Reading Club 2011

Lively scenes of children playing in and around water are brought to mind with this year’s theme Splash! Celebrate Summer. Building sandcastles at the seashore, fishing off the end of a dock, setting off in a canoe or just splashing around in a local pool are all part of the fun this summer. See our booklist selections.
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TD Summer Reading Club

Welcome to the TD Summer Reading Club 2011

Dive into adventure and discover truly spectacular watery worlds with this year’s TD Summer Reading Club’s Splash! Celebrate Summer.

This program is a joint initiative between TD Bank Group, Library and Archives Canada and the Toronto Public Library. The theme and the materials for the program are developed by a team of children’s librarians from the Toronto Public Library with the francophone component being developed by a team of librarians from Ottawa, Quebec city and Montreal.

Children register for the program at their local library.

Staff Manual
List of Contacts
Literature Review
Report of Program Statistics



Welcome to the TD Summer Reading Club 2011

Dive into adventure and discover truly spectacular watery worlds with this year’s TD Summer Reading Club’s Splash! Celebrate Summer.

This program is a joint initiative between TD Bank Group, Library and Archives Canada and the Toronto Public Library. The theme and the materials for the program are developed by a team of children’s librarians from the Toronto Public Library with the francophone component being developed by a team of librarians from Ottawa, Quebec city and Montreal.

Children register for the program at their local library.

Staff Manual
List of Contacts
Literature Review
Report of Program Statistics



Are you looking for interesting and stimulating activities to occupy your children during summer vacation? Would you like them to benefit from a program that will maintain and develop their reading skills? How about a fun-filled environment where your children can participate and meet new friends?

All you need to do is register your children for the TD Summer Reading Club at your local library. While the Club starts when school ends, and runs until the end of the summer, your children can register at any time.

As soon as your children are registered, they will each receive a free reading kit illustrated by a well-known children’s book artist. The reading kit contains one awesome poster, nine stickers, and a bilingual activity booklet that is chock-full of games and includes a log sheet for recording the books they have read.
A club for children!

Each year, the TD Summer Reading Club selects a theme for children aged 12 and under. Across Canada close to 400,000 children take part in the programs and activities organized by librarians.1 Participants read nearly two million books!

With so much to offer, it’s not surprising that the Club is so popular! In Canada’s 450 participating public libraries, children can take advantage of a wide range of group activities suited to their age and interests. Contact your local library to find out about programming developed for this year’s TD Summer Reading Club.

Every summer, libraries design new activities based on the annual theme so your children can register again and continue to broaden their horizons. Although the theme changes, the purpose of the Club remain the same: to promote reading in a setting that is fun, friendly and safe.

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to consult the other sections aimed at parents. There you will find tips and information on the program and the benefits it offers.

The TD Summer Reading Club is sponsored by TD Bank Group in co-operation with the Toronto Public Library and Library and Archives Canada. A team of children’s librarians from the public libraries of Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal developed the theme and the materials for the program. The participating regions are: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


1. Program data collected for Library and Archives Canada by Decima Research in October 2006.


Library and School Partnership

Who benefits from the Club?

Each year from June through August, the TD Summer Reading Club encourages children 12 and under to read, in order to make it easier for them to go back to school in September.

As educators and assistants, you work all year to guide your pupils’ reading by developing their enjoyment of books. The Club is designed to support you in your efforts by consolidating and improving children’s acquired reading skills during the summer months.

By encouraging the children in your class to register for the Club at their local library, you help them continue to learn during their vacation.

The concept is simple: combine enjoyment of reading with constructive, pleasant activities. The program is very accessible since children join the Club through Canada’s network of public libraries. The program is conveyed through a bilingual reading kit that children each receive on registration, or when they take part in complementary activities at the library.

To learn more about the Club, please consult the other pages of this section for teachers. There you will find information on the program and the benefits it offers.

The TD Summer Reading Club is sponsored by TD Bank Group in co-operation with the Toronto Public Library and Library and Archives Canada. A team of children’s librarians from the public libraries of Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal developed the theme and the materials for the program. The participating regions are: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Public libraries and educational institutions and persons acting under their authority, including but not limited to teachers, students and librarians can reproduce, communicate by telecommunication, perform, publish, exhibit, crop and reverse (without alteration to original illustrations), translate, archive and use for non-commercial promotional purposes for in-library activities and educational purposes the material on this site.

Signs of thyroid problems

The thyroid gland can have a huge impact on numerous bodily functions. Statistics have shown that almost 30 million people in America suffer from a thyroid disorder, while half of them are not even diagnosed. Women are more predisposed than men to develop a thyroid problem.

thyromineThyromine is a natural supplement developed to promote thyroid health. Supporting the thyroid gland to generate adequate amount of hormone necessary for a healthy life, improves the metabolism, assists weight loss, raises the energy levels and regulates mood swings.

Numerous signs could indicate a thyroid problem. Because thyroid gland normalizes the metabolism, it influences growth, development and body temperature and it is crucial for brain development, the improper functioning of thyroid gland could trigger multiple health issues.

Feeling tired all the time, even in the morning, after a full night’s sleep, may indicate an underactive thyroid. Due to fact that thyroid gland does not produce enough amount of hormone, hypothyroidism causes fatigue, depression, mood swings, anxiety, forgetfulness, reduced libido, itchiness and dry skin.

On the other hand, feeling jittery, weird, with increased appetite and difficulty concentrating may be signs of hyperthyroidism. It occurs when thyroid gland produces too much hormone, making you be hungry all the time, therefore gaining too much weight and experiencing trouble losing weight. Many people affected by hyperthyroidism follow drastic diets and try hard to lose weight, yet they do not succeed to shed any pounds. This usually occurs due to thyroid problems, which is why consulting a specialist is very important.

Having heart palpitations, often experiencing constipation and having painful muscles and extremities could happen as well due to thyroid issues. When too much hormones are flooding your organism it may be a sign that you are affected by hyperthyroidism. Sudden tingling in your legs or arms could indicate hypothyroidism. When your thyroid gland generates too little amounts of hormone in prolonged time, the nerves could be damaged, triggering unexplained twinges, numbness or tingles.

High blood pressure, having chills or feeling cold are other signs of underactive thyroid gland. Because reduced levels of thyroid hormone might slow the heart beat, the blood vessel walls become less flexible, leading to hypertension. Furthermore, being affected by hypothyroidism means that cells burn less energy therefore the body produces less heat. Otherwise, people affected by overactive thyroid gland will sweat too much and feel too warm.

Maintaining thyroid health will support the body maintain a normal body weight, proper sleep and a healthy cardiovascular system. Thyromine includes in its highly effective formula powerful herbs and nutrients that promote thyroid health. The Adrenal Powder from Bovine will assist the normal function of thyroid gland, Ginger will support the digestive system and maintain the cholesterol levels required for a healthy thyroid, while Guglipid will assist weight management and normal lipid levels. Nori contains Iodine, which is crucial for thyroid health, Piper Longum raises the thyroid hormone levels, Thyroid Powder from Bovine assists the normal functioning of thyroid gland and L-Thyrosine supports the brain and nervous system.

Do not let your mood or weight be affected by thyroid gland! Take Thyromine and promote thyroid health!

Tips to lose weight

It’s a great achievement to manage to lose weight, but more successful is to maintain the new weight. Numerous studies show the failure of weight maintenance after weight loss period.

yaconmolasses_2Weight is kept in a very fine adjustment by nerve centers in the hypothalamus, where the discharge of anabolic and catabolic hormones and the control of hunger and satiety, keep the weight constant. Are given in the literature attesting that all this complicated system is tilted toward weight control weight gain actually, rather than to maintain constant weight. And, to prove this, it gave the example of weight gain and body fat with age.

So to “trick” weight adjustment system was considered as a proper weight loss is slowly in decline and maintenance steps, and at one stage not to fall more than 10-15% of initial weight.

Failure to maintain weight comes from a variety of issues. One of them is that many patients do not understand its importance and automatically lowers motivation and determination. In this period should not lose contact with specialist because we have revised diet and exercise and how so that we have no energy shortage.

Another factor leading to failure is lower weight too fast. Weight variations resulting from improper diets lead may also make it more difficult maintaining weight.

Depression clearly correlates with obesity. Although depression of the early treatment of weight loss has nothing to do with maintenance, but depression occurring during the maintenance period portends failure.

Period of weight maintenance deficit is a very important phase in the process of obtaining an optimal weight. It is a period in which the body is very sensitive to various stimuli that can thwart weight loss efforts. Therefore we need to know these difficult and come to meet them with effective strategies for efforts to achieve an optimal weight to give results.

Here are some tips to lose weight:

- Eat every three hours, a total of five meals a day: three main and two fruit snacks (fresh fruit in the morning, afternoon fruits acre).

- Never eat fruits after 16 o’clock. Even if we work all night, we sleep the day and high intake of carbohydrates in the body tired both liver and pancreas.

- Do not give up bread! Eat 120 grams of rye bread per day, distributed as follows: 60 grams in the morning, noon 30 grams, 30 grams evening.

- Hydrate yourself! Not everyone needs to drink two liters of water a day, because they are not identical. The amount of water is calculated according to body weight using the formula: 40ml/kg/day.

- Sleep 6, 7 hours a night. In sleep regulates metabolism and release thyroid hormones.

- Exercise daily. If you do not have time to get to the gym, parking the car further away from the office, to browse even walk that distance; up and down the stairs, not the elevator.

- Use Yacon Molasses. The product is absolutely exceptional. According to this product helps fat burn, maintain weight, aid digestion as easy to be one. Yacon Molasses gives your immune system and better ensure the necessary antioxidants. Thus, you can lose weight easily reaching a dream body.

- Stop smoking and reduce as much as dependencies (including alcohol).

The importance of Iodine in different ages and stages of development

Iodine is an element essential for normal thyroid function, being responsible for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. When the body requires thyroid hormones, Iodine is trapped from blood by thyroid gland and incorporated into thyroid hormones, which will be stored and released in the blood when they will be needed. Thyroid hormones manage many physiologic processes, like development, growth, reproductive function and metabolism.

Detoxadine is an efficient dietary supplement containing Nascent Iodine, the most absorbable form of Iodine, produced to help people affected by Iodine deficiency or who need an increased intake of Iodine, find more articles regarding this product on the pages of

detoxadineIodine deficiency represents a significant health problem, currently being considered as the most frequent factor that causes preventable brain damage throughout much of the world. Iodine deficiency disorders include hypothyroidism, mental retardation, goiter and development and growth abnormalities.

The symptoms of Iodine deficiency are numerous, from fatigue, depression, cold intolerance, brittle nails, infertility, cold hands and feet, hair loss, high cholesterol, lethargy, menstrual irregularities, weight gain, dry skin, poor memory or concentration and hoarseness to more serious diseases, such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, Down’s Syndrome or mental retardation.

Iodine deficiency in the mother may cause fetal iodine deficiency, which may lead to cretinism and irreversible mental retardation of children. This is why it is extremely important for the health of new born that the pregnant woman should take the recommended daily dose of Iodine. Also, studies have shown that infant mortality is raised in places of Iodine deficiency. A baby born by a woman with Iodine deficiency may have a short stature, deafness or mental and physical retardation. High levels of Iodine in breast milk support the baby to develop healthy brain and nervous system.

During the infancy, the brain grows and develops rapidly, reason why sufficient thyroid hormone is required. An Iodine deficiency during infancy may cause abnormal brain development and reduced intellectual development.

Goiter is often a consequence of Iodine deficiency in children and adolescents. Being more common in girls, goiter may result in learning disabilities and low IQ. Goiter is for some people just a cosmetic problem, but it may often cause compression of esophagus or trachea or even delay recognition of thyroid cancer. In time, due to Iodine deficiency, women may stop ovulating, leading to infertility.

Inadequate Iodine intake in adults may lead to hypothyroidism and goiter, so these adults will experience weight gain, fatigue, constipation, cold intolerance and even impaired mental function.

Regardless of age or stage of development, the recommended dose of Iodine should be taken daily. Even if it is taken from foods or from supplements, Iodine is necessary for normal, healthy growth and development and to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Take Detoxadine with the best form of Iodine, Nascent Iodine, which supports healthy Iodine levels. Detoxadine helps maintaining the thyroid health, supports the immune system and regulates the metabolic rate, supporting a healthy weight and, therefore, a general wellbeing.

Better sex life

To have safer sex, you have to be responsible for your actions and that you can get your take on this responsibility, you must be in fullness or even in most mental faculties. So, if the situation requires you to keep the reason, you will not only have to drink a soda or a alcohol free beer  if you want the rest of those present to realize that you intend to stay awake.

proenhance7If you meet someone and your relationship seems to progress, do not wait, it’s time to discuss about safer sex practices. As you get closer to the beginning of the sexual relationship, the harder it will be to put it off. There are many important things that you want to know about a potential partner before you engage in any kind of relationship with him. For example, the sense of responsibility and dedication her ability. You just have to add these lists and sexual history will not only benefit.

The first condition is to use a condom to have it available. Although young men have one in your pocket for situations, “force majeure” you should know that condoms become invalid after a certain time or if exposed to heat. Therefore, do not use condoms than “fresh”. In addition, today not only men should have a condom in your pocket. Any woman sexually active must be prepared not only to protect against pregnancy, but also against different illness.

The key to sex life is not as safe as you make love with someone until between you two not established a real relationship. If you get to know a real man if some time has already passed when you meet, if you had long conversations about life and love and I know the sexual history. If, however, both have come to the conclusion that you can make love without significant risks, only then you can decide to go to the end. And, if your partner has trouble ProEnhance couple can use any time. Visit the website to read more article about this product. ProEnhance is a herbal supplement that provides long erection more intense and offers a wonderful orgasm. Otherwise, trust in your partner but, also becomes ally in sexual life. The sex life will be a more intense, more enjoyable and longer.

Some of the diseases must beware

Hepatitis B is more contagious than sexually transmitted diseases. Fortunately, there is a vaccine that prevents disease. For herpes, there is no vaccine and no treatment. Most times, the person who has herpes partner is infected in turn. Some diseases, such as chlamydia, are continually expanding, and none of STDs does not give any sign that would be endangered.

Whenever you sleep with someone, you are not just the two in bed. Each partner that your partner has ever made love to each partner and each partner … creeps with you under the covers. You can be sure that every virus ever penetrated hot and hollow body that rushes to embrace him continue his journey in your body, penetrating through each hole left by nature.

Secrets of muscle definition

Defining quality lean muscle is that you cannot win a contest and no physical is not complete without it. It is considered that it is virtually impossible to get naturally and some resort to miracle pills to get a good fit condition. It can be reached, but this defining muscle naturally, but you need patience and willpower.
To be a successful bodybuilder means primarily a beautiful body, shapely muscles relief and well put out. This can’t be achieved without proper muscle definition, particularly in the abdomen. Those who only want muscle volume without definition are just beautiful in clothes and always only boast their strength. Not saying it’s bad to be strong, but as long as you do not compete in a contest of strength you have no satisfaction lifting 150kg of others that can raise than 120kg. For a bodybuilder true value remains well defined muscles.
antlerx_6Having a well-defined musculature means minimal body fat (under 10%) and subcutaneous water removed. All this will give a maximum separation and vascularity. To achieve these objectives must follow a very complex exercise and nutrition. Because the most important area remains abdomen during this period of training he will be trained specifically to be pulled out as much. When you do an abdominal workout program must observe the following rules:
– The abdomen will be the first group trained
– For abdomen never make rapid repetitions to avoid stress on the spine. With repetitions slowly performed you will have control over the muscles and efficiency in practice.
– Throughout the series, maintain a DC voltage in the abdomen. For this exercise does not do the full race.
– Learning how to breathe correctly. When I do not train abs deep breaths, but just enough to oxygenate the muscles. It expires during muscle contraction phase and contract your abs really hard.

Training a bodybuilder need to follow during muscle definition has two parts: training and weight training aerobic. The first problem is to increase muscle mass, and that the second is to remove the fat and to define the muscle obtained. For this you can try AntlerX which gives athletic Improve performance and strength. More of that it increase in muscle mass, increase weight loss with increase in metabolism, increase energy, vitality and stamina and more others. AntlerX offer to your muscle high quality and helps you maximize the mass. More information you can find on the website

Nutritional supplements have an important role in any diet, vitamins and minerals in food are hard longer found in our times. Ideally, at least one meal should be replaced with a whey protein concentrate, soy, egg, etc. Protein bars can help when you can not get a healthy meal. A natural fat burner type Carnitine of AntlerX helps you burn fat that turns into energy that can be used for more intense workouts.

These are some of the tricks of athletes to have defined muscles as on stage. It is a very tough regime that I not recommend only professional athletes (fitness, bodybuilding). Do not imagine that they maintain this form sports all the time. It is virtually impossible and unhealthy for their bodies. This system is used only during the competition.

Breast cream and pills for breast enhancement at home

Many women feel unhappy or not confident due to the size of their breast. They want to have bigger and firmer breasts in order to feel happier with their bodies. A lot of supplements, oils, creams, pills, devices and even surgical treatments promise to offer them the enhancement desired.

Breast Actives program is a powerful combination of pills and cream that, if used regularly, offers obvious results in breast size: enhanced and firmer breasts, with a better shape and a more youthful appearance. The ingredients of Breast Actives are 100% natural, safe to use and effective, making from this product one of the top rated breast enhancement programs. The list of detailed ingredients are showed on the site

breast_actives8If you want to get bigger breasts at home, in a natural way, you should know that it may take a while until you will see the results, if there will be any. Although it will not be bad for you, some of these solutions may prove to be inefficient for what you desire.

Take into consideration building up your pectoral muscles. Because breasts contain very little muscle, they will not get quite big. But your breasts will have a nicer contour, will be firmer and will certainly look more attractive. Pushups, chest presses or dumbbell flyes will not provide you only firmer breasts, but your arms will also look better. Have 10-15 minutes per day for a few weeks and you will notice that your breasts look better, slightly bigger.

Include in your nutrition plan foods rich in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen is actually a plant-based source of estrogen, the female hormone which is responsible for breast enhancement during puberty, so foods with this substance may help you achieve breast enlargement.

Milk, soy products, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cherries, peaches, strawberries, oranges, melons are only a few foods that contain high amounts of phytoestrogens. Other foods promote the natural production of estrogen in the body: fenugreek, fennel or blessed thistle enlarge the size of breasts and also provide increased libido.

Breast massage is another way how you can achieve breast enhancement at home. This special kind of massage stimulates the enlargement of breast tissue while it is also beneficial for the health of your breasts.

Using a breast cream which also contains substances known for breast enhancement may offer you the breast size desire. Besides of getting larger breasts, they will look firmer and more beautiful. You just have to massage your breasts 10-15 minutes per day and you will eventually notice a difference.

Use the cream and pills Breast Actives for enhanced, firmer breasts. The advantage of this product consists in the safety of the ingredients, which were tested and proved to offer a significant increase of breast size. Lifting, enhancing and firming your breasts, Breast Actives is a remarkable supplement that will make you feel happier and more confident with your body.

Take Breast Actives, use it regularly and enjoy the amazing results!

Do’s and Don’ts for keeping your nails healthy

Do you take care of your nails? The appearance of your nails has a lot to say about your overall health. If you notice any dents, ridges, thickening or thinning of the nails or spots of unusual shape or color, you may be having a nail condition.

zetaclear8With proper care and right products, your nails will become strong and healthy again. ZetaClear consists in a topical and oral homeopatic combination that provides healthy and beautiful nails in short time after beginning the treatment. Containing an efficient blend of powerful substances that fights against the nail fungus, ZetaClear offers smooth and soft skin around the nail, assisting the elimination of discolored areas and killing the nail fungus. More reviews and detailed list of product ingredients are on

Healthy fingernails have no grooves, discolored spots or pits, looking smooth and uniform in color. In case if you observe any signs of having a nail condition, it is best to inform your doctor about it.

Here are some important do’s and don’ts on how you can take good care of your nails and prevent them from developing a fungal infection, which is the most common condition that affects the nails.


Maintain your fingernails clean and dry. This way, you wil prevent the growing of fungi, bacteria or other organisms under your nails. When washing the dishes, try wearing cotton-lined rubber gloves and do not get in direct contact with detergents or cleaning chemicals.

Trim and file your nails under a regular basis. The clippers or manicure scissors have to be sharp and the nails should have a gentle curve.

Use some moisturizer or essential oils to maintain your nails healthy. Rub the lotion and the oils to get into the nails and cuticles. You can use tea tree oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, lemongrass oil or clove oil, because they strengthen the nail plate, assist soften cuticles, accelerate the growth of healthy nails and prevent fragility or delamination of nails. Even more, these oils have antibacterial and regenerating properties.

Do not:

Pry, pick or poke things with your nails. In order to prevent the deterioration of your nails, do not utilize your fingers as tools.

Pick at your cuticles or bite the nails. The nail bed can be harmed and having a tiny cut next to your nail may enable fungi or bacteria to produce an infection.

Maintain your nails too long. It is better to cut them because the long fingernails are more predisposed to break or split.

Pull off hangnails. This tissue should be cautiously clipped off.

Use too often the polish remover. Acetone dries your nails and, in time, it may cause splits and breaks.

Because it is always easier to prevent than cure, taking care of your nails should become an habit. Use ZetaClear to keep your nails healthy or even to treat a fungal infection, if your nails are affected. ZetaClear is a efficient product that eliminates the fungal infection, significantly improves the appearance of nails, treating the root of the problem and preventing the reoccurance of it.

Take ZetaClear for healthy nails and enjoy having beautiful nails!